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KDP with hardwood timber deck oil.
Protect your timber deck with deck oil.
Timber deck oil against sun and rain.

Hardwood timber decks

Get your timber deck oiled, rejuvenated and protected for those hot, wet summers by the timber deck oiling specialists in Rio de Janeiro who will leave your deck and timber looking new with a finish and beauty superior to the traditional Brasilian varnish finish.
Reasons for use:
- Deck oil gives added life to your deck and outdoor timber products perfect for hardwoods such as ipe and cumaru.
- The deck oil penetrates the decking timber giving it a layer of protection from the elements leaving a great deck finish.
- Timber deck oil increases resistance to mould and fungi.
- TImber deck oil helps reduce splitting and cracking.
- Timber deck oil brings out the natural beauty of your timber.
- Timber deck oil is a proven technology used throughout Australia and the U.S.A with excellent results.
- For new timber decks no sanding is required making for a dust- free and rapid application with a fantastic deck finish.
- For timber decks with varnish or other applications these must be removed by remover or sanding.
- Timber deck oil is low smell and your deck will be ready to use as soon as the protection is dry (usually 3- 4 days).
- And for those customers interested in having a deck designed and built please visit our sister company KOALA DECK DESIGNS and they will happily arrange for an obligation free quote.

"O jeito australiano de dar vida ao seu deck".
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
cel: (21) 98013-8213
tel: (21) 3072-4144
email: admin@koaladeckprotect.com

Deck de madeira Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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